New Apex Legends bug is giving players double the loot on Broken Moon

More loot is better loot.

If youve played Apex Legends for any amount of time, you probably know that more loot is better than less loot. The more loot you can possibly find, the greater the chances of finding better weapons that youre more comfortable with, better body armor to give yourself more health, better backpacks to gain more inventory slots, and so on.

Usually, you want to prioritize landing at places where there are many loot spawns, as it can be difficult to find rarer and higher-quality loot items in places where theres not a lot of loot. But players on Broken Moon have noticed that theres a bug on the map that not only guarantees you double the loot in some spots but double the loot with guaranteed chances of higher-rarity loot spawning for you.

Originally brought to the worlds attention by The Gaming Merchant, the bug is all about loot ticks. Loot ticks are little pyramid-shaped robotic loot containers that are essentially the same shape and have nearly the same function as the Apex Packs that gives players cosmetic items. Loot ticks are only found on Kings Canyon and now Broken Moon, and when theyre destroyed, they gift players some loot.

But a bug on Broken Moon has some loot ticks immediately spawning again after the first one has been destroyed. This second loot tick can also be destroyed, granting players double the loot.

Now, this might not seem like a massive deal, considering only three items ever come out of a loot tick when you destroy it. Six items as opposed to three are good, sure, but not exactly game-changing.

What makes the bug of interest to players is the fact that these loot ticks guarantee an Epic or Legendary-rarity item to spawn when you destroy them, and the second loot tick will spit out one of those high-rarity items just like the first one.

To know whats going to pop out of a loot tick, all you need to do is look at the color of its lights. If you see purple lights, its going to give you an Epic item alongside a couple of other things. If the lights are gold, its your lucky day, because you might have the chance at landing two Legendary items if the bug happens.

While the loot tick spawns change every game, you can always hear their distinctive robotic noises whenever you get near one. If you hear it, its probably worth seeking out wherever the loot tick is. You might just get more stuff than you normally would.

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