New Apex Legends bug gives players rare Vantage animation on any character

Finally, a good bug.

Most bugs in Apex Legends are unwelcome and actively make the game worse. Whether its big issues that prevent players from playing the game as it was intended, like hit registration problems, or small visual glitches that ruin immersion, bugs are an unfortunate but semi-frequent reality of playing Apex.

But sometimes you get a bug that doesnt do anything to disrupt your gameplay and even can reveal some hidden Easter eggs that the devs have planted in the game. Such is the case with a certain animation thats generally reserved for Vantage. 

Reddit user SKy6Gaming discovered the animation while using Horizon, as opposed to Vantage. The rare animation is triggered by picking up and pulling out a Sentinel sniper rifle. When playing as Vantage, she will occasionally get an animation while using the Sentinel where, when she pulls the gun out, Echo is resting on the barrel of the gun. After a split second, Echo hops up Vantages arm and out of sight once again.

This animation is also apparently playing sometimes when legends besides Vantage pick up a Sentinel, as evidenced by SKy6Gaming seeing Vantages pet bat hop up Horizons arm on their screen. 

Its a little unclear if this is meant to happen when anyone is using the Sentinel and not just Vantage, but it would make a lot of sense for this to be a bug and for the animation to be Vantage-specific. Even before you consider that Echo has so far only been shown being friendly to Vantage, the Sentinel itself is an important weapon in Vantages lore. Her ultimate, Snipers Mark, started out its development life as an early version of the Sentinel, and as her character developed, the lore around the Snipers Mark weapon evolved into the weapon being a modified version of the Apex Games bolt-action sniper.

Regardless of whether its a bug or if the animation turns out to be available to anyone who’s using the Sentinel, players get to see an extremely cute bat animation and possibly discover a new animation that they didnt even know existed before.

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