Neeko, Jinx among LoL champs getting nerfs and adjustments in Patch 13.9

Expect a smaller patch with more focused changes.

Riot Games has released its bi-weekly League of Legends patch preview, with LoL Patch 13.9 being the subject of todays changes. In the upcoming patch, 11 champions are set to get directly altered, with five being buffed, two being nerfed, and another four receiving adjustments. 

According to the official LoL dev team Twitter account, the biggest changes coming in Patch 13.9 will be applied to Neeko and Kayle, the latter of whom is receiving alterations to the way her ultimate works. Kayle will have her Divine Judgment (R) adjusted so that its cast time is cut down by a full second, its area of effect is increased, and its damage is reduced at all ranks.

Neeko will be seeing her long-awaited mid-scope update released on the live servers during Patch 13.9. The update will introduce a bevy of changes to Neeko, including the ability for her to transform into things beyond champions. In the new patch, Neeko will gain the ability to transform into minions and jungle plants, among other interactable objects on Summoners Rift. 

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Other champions receiving adjustments in the patch are Taliyahwho is receiving an undisclosed quality-of-life changeand BelVeth. 

The only two champions receiving direct nerfs in the patch, as of now, will be Sion and Jinx. Jinx has been the most popular champion in the game on Patch 13.8, with a pick rate of 26.6 percent at all ranksfive percentage points higher than the second-most picked champion, Ezreal. When zeroing in on games played at Platinum Elo and higher, Jinxs pick rate goes up to over 30 percent, with a win rate that hovers over 51 percent, according to League stats site

An extended version of the patch preview, complete with the numerical details of each buff and nerf, is expected to drop tomorrow, April 25. League Patch 13.9 is expected to release on May 3, according to the games patch schedule

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