Need Mythic+ rating? WoW players have already found the easiest dungeon in Dragonflight season 2

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While some World of Warcraft Dragonflight players are stuck in Neltharions Lair wrestling with Naraxas, others are breezing through one specific Mythic+ dungeon for free rating.

The most challenging Mythic+ dungeon in Dragonflight season two is, without doubt, Neltharions Lair, where healers struggle to keep everyones health bars topped off. On the other hand, Battle for Azeroths Underrot already has players pushing +20 keys. In fact, the highest-timed Mythic+ keys are predominately Underrot, according to the Mythic+ stats page Raider.IO.

Although Underrot doesnt bring up sweet memories for all those who actively played Mythic+ dungeons in BfA, it seems as if this same dungeon has weak scaling in Dragonflight and the overall damage taken is extremely low. 

Underrot in total has four bossesElder Leaxa, Cragmaw the Infested, Sporecaller Zancha, and Unbound Abomination, and notable trash packs among these bosses. While during BfA, all of these bosses were a pain to deal with, in Dragonflight there arent any major and lethal threats your healers have to worry about, especially if you have a knowledgeable group that knows their interrupts.

Bearing in mind that Underrot has become the new Shadowmoon Burial Grounds and only two days into the season players are running +22 Underrot, its highly likely Blizzard Entertainment will slap some buffs to this dungeon to make it more of a challenge. Other notable dungeons that have proven to be similarly easy are Freehold and even Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr and Halls of Infusion. 

Blizzard has promised to be more aggressive with balancing changes at the beginning of the season and WoW players can expect it to rain buffs and nerfs for a couple of weeks before the balancing team hits the sweet balancing spot for all Mythic+ dungeons.

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