Nearly every DPS spec in WoW: Dragonflight is using the same Primordial Stone build in Mythic+ dungeons

Despite there being hundreds of combinations, three stones have a strong hold on the meta.

The launch of WoW: Dragonflight Patch 10.0.7 introduced many new features to the game, but perhaps the biggest addition came in the form of the Onyx Annulet, an epic ring that can be upgraded all the way up to item level 424 by socketing Primordial Stones into it. Each Primordial Stone has a unique effect that significantly boosts your characters throughput. From AoE damage effects, on-hit healing procs, and damage reduction buffs, Primordial Stones are versatile tools that can be used to fill gaps in your characters builds. 

Although you can try out hundreds of combinations of Primordial Stones in your Onyx Annulet, theres one specific combination of stones thats dominating the DPS meta right now across the board. Almost every DPS spec in WoW, regardless of their class, primary stat, armor class, or any other factor, is currently using the same three Primordial Stones in their Onyx Annulet. 

The Primordial Stone build that has a vice grip on the DPS meta right now consists of the Storm Infused Stone, Desirous Blood Stone, and Prophetic Twilight Stone. Among the 25 DPS specs in WoW, 23 of them are using this combination of Primordial Stones in Mythic+ dungeons, according to WoW stats site Subcreation. A strong majority of them are bringing their build over to the Vault of the Incarnates, as well. 

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The only exceptions include Demonology Warlocks and Arcane Mages, who are using the Freezing Ice Stone in place of the Storm Infused Stone in M+ content. The Freezing Ice Stone also translates well into single-target content since its raw damage is higher, although it doesnt have the split AoE effect that the Storm Infused Stone has. 

Why the Storm-Blood-Twilight Primordial Stone build is so effective

Screengrab via Blizzard Entertainment

These three stones work almost too well with each other, largely due to the effect of the Prophetic Twilight Stone, which causes your damaging and healing effects from your Primordial Stones to trigger off of each other. Since the Desirous Blood Stone has both a damaging and healing effect attached to it, the presence of a Prophetic Twilight Stone in your Onyx Annulet will cause a ripple effect whenever the Desirous Blood Stone procs. While there is a finite cap on this effect, the Prophetic Twilight Stone can cause back-to-back procs of the Desirous Blood Stone and Storm Infused Stone, giving players the potential for ridiculously high burst damage coming out of the Annulet. 

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One major downside of the Onyx Annulet is the lack of secondary stats attached to the ring. If youre replacing a ring in your loadout with the Onyx Annulet, you need to be willing to sacrifice some secondary stats for the unique effects that Primordial Stones give your character. Still, at item level 424, the Onyx Annulet will likely be an upgrade for most characters, with exceptions in place for high-level raiders who dont want to give up highly coveted rings such as the Seal of Diurnas Chosen or the Jeweled Signet of Melandrus. 

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