NAVI introduces new Rainbow Six Siege roster

The team released its performance manager and a player.

Natus Vincere announced today that Jamie Skiddy Diamond is joining the organizations Rainbow Six Siege roster for the second stage of the European League 2022, replacing Rickard Secretly Olofsson. 

NAVI had a rough time during the first stage of the European League 2022, finishing in eighth place and only winning three games. They most recently won their match against Team Secret, but this was the first game they won after a four-game losing streak. The organization decided to make changes after the unfortunate season, removing one player from the roster alongside the teams performance manager. 

Performance manager Youenn Chicken Rocaboy and Secretly have been removed from the organization, according to a blog post. NAVI expressed its sincere gratitude for their contributions and wished them the best of luck in their future careers. The roster changes have also prompted the organization to withdraw from the Northern Premier League 2022. 

MnM Academy player Skiddy is stepping in to replace Secretly. Coach Alonso Alo Diez, previously a part of Wizards Esports Club and Rebels Gaming, has also joined NAVI. The org’s new Siege roster has already made its way to the Kinguin training base in Warsaw and preparation is underway for the second stage of the European League 2022.

The new NAVI roster features Byron “Blurr” Murray, Nathan Sharp, Jordan “Kayak” Morley, Pedro “Thuunder” Muniz, Skiddy, and coach Alo.

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