NAVI denied tech pause at VCT LOCK//IN despite FPS issues


European VALORANT team Natus Vincere were denied a technical timeout by Riot Games admins despite one of the players experiencing an in-game issue on stage at VCT LOCK//IN.

After the teams victory against KRÜ Esports yesterday, NAVI player SUYGETSU said he was denied a tech pause during the match. Although he didnt provide any further context, Dot Esports understands the issue was related to his frames during the match.

SUYGETSU requested to restart his game, which an admin denied, according to those with knowledge of the situation.

Players on other teams told Dot Esports they experienced packet loss issues on stage, which affected their gameplay. Packet loss can cause lag spikes and in-game issues, which typically occur from faulty LAN cables or internet issues.

Rounds will not be replayed if they are caused by issues such as packet loss, according to the VCT 2023 rules. Multiple players have to experience the issue for a head admin to take action in the match.

Riot also made the players remove the FPS and packet loss readers from the settings, which is required in the VCT rulebook.

Players are unable to call for technical pauses in-game and must request a timeout from the head referee, according to the rules.

NAVI were victorious in their match against KRÜ Esports 2-0. The European team are set to face off against Team Secret on Feb. 25 following their victory against Team Liquid yesterday.

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