NA’s hopes live on: Evil Geniuses lock in knockout stage spot at MSI 2022 with convincing win over PSG Talon

The young guns of the LCS have made it to the next round.

Throughout the past few days, Evil Geniuses have continued to impress at the 2022 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational. The young kings of North America have found yet another win in the tournament’s rumble stage, locking in a top-four placement with a win against PSG Talon.

Some fans and analysts started off worried for the fate of EG after the team drafted Samira into an enemy team composition filled to the brim with crowd control. Ever since his heroics during the 2022 LCS Spring Playoffs, the squad’s 18-year-old AD carry Danny has quickly become an integral part of the team’s general gameplan. As a result, the draft difference scared a few NA fans into doubting the young stars, but the roster quickly alleviated their concerns.

The game started off on equal footing between the PCS and LCS representatives, with both teams finding picks early on before the 11-minute mark. A few moments later, however, EG were able to swing the match completely into their favor with back-to-back teamfight wins that would secure them a dragon, Rift Herald, and a ton of gold.

From the 20-minute mark onward, EG snowballed their lead with ease as they forced PSG into choke points that quickly turned into devastating teamfight environments for Impact’s Gangplank ultimate and Samira’s Inferno Trigger, hidden in darkness by Nocturne’s Paranoia. On the other side, PSG barely had time to react before the entirety of EG were barrelling down on them.

EG now join T1 and Royal Never Give Up as three of the four teams in the knockout stage of MSI 2022, as they await one of either G2 Esports or PSG Talon to emerge victorious from their own matches.

PSG Talon might have lost this game against EG, but the LEC champs have been one of the shakiest teams over the second half of the rumble stage. They currently hold a five-game losing streak, but European fans are still holding out hope that their representatives can sneak into the next stage after a dreadful past couple of days.

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