Nadeshot apologizes for ‘losing his cool’ after Warzone 2 crash but stands by valid points on the game’s issues

Understandable considering the context.

There’s nothing more tilting than a poorly timed crash, especially when it comes at the end of a daunting and long challenge. For longtime Call of Duty player and 100 Thieves founder Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, a Warzone 2 crash sent him over the edge yesterday. And while he’s already apologized for the “aggressive and immature” way he responded, he’s standing by his valid points on the state of the game.

The outburst came at the tail end of one of Warzone 2’s toughest challenges: activating a nuke. To get the nuke, you must win five games in a row and then complete the Champion’s Quest in one of the next four games to build the nuke and deploy it.

After nine hours of playing, Nadeshot and his team featuring Symfuhny, TimTheTatman, and Karma were on a four-game win streak before Nadeshot’s game crashed. A clearly frustrated Nadeshot couldn’t keep the frustrations in, blasting Activision for making a billion dollars on a game that crashes on even a state-of-the-art PC and telling the company to “fix their fucking game.”

A few hours after the clip (now at over one million views) was shared, Nadeshot apologized for losing his cool, saying that he was embarrassed watching it back and that he didn’t intend to sound ungrateful. He said that “chasing after the nuke was one of my favorite Call of Duty experiences yet,” and relayed his appreciation to employees who worked on the game.

But Nadeshot made it clear that he’s standing by criticisms that others have had about Warzone 2, saying he believed in what he said but just not in the way he said it, mentioning that “there’s a lot of bugs.” Numerous pros also agreed with his furious sentiments in the replies to his original clip, and other creators like TeePee and Dr Disrespect have shared similar frustrations.

Eventually, Nadeshot, Symfuhny, and Tim ended up completing the Champion’s Quest and activated the nuke, but they did so without Karma since his game crashed during the final match.

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