NA VALORANT Challengers team Turtle Troop shockingly drop 2 players out of nowhere

Who's going to replace them?

Back in January, the Squirtle Squad had an impressive run in the NA VALORANT Last Chance Qualifier. Their first-place finish earned them a spot in Challengers where theyll be facing the likes of G2 and OXG. Since then, however, the team have not only changed their name to Turtle Troop but also suddenly dropped two players two weeks into Challengers.

Following the tough losses to Shopify Rebellion in week one and FaZe in week two, Okeanos and Harmful are officially out of Turtle Troop. On Feb. 15, both players announced on social media they would be parting ways with the team.

Screengrab via Harmful on Twitter

Turtle Troop have yet to make a statement on the departure of the two players and have not revealed who will be replacing them for their upcoming Challengers matches. For now, this leaves only Governor, Add3r, and Wedid on the squad until the replacements are announced.

While the team and players have not yet specified a reason for the sudden roster change, Governor tweeted after their week two loss and mentioned Harmful was going through something physical. He went on to defend his then-teammate and praised him for being a phenomenal player despite the criticism hed been receiving.

The new Turtle Troop team are scheduled to face BreakThru in week three, G2 in week four, and OXG in week five. At the end of week five, they will need to be in the top four of their group to move on to the Mid-Season Invitational.

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