NA? Nah. Jankos confirms he’s staying in Europe next season

"It looks like I’m kinda stuck, bro."

The entire League of Legends community has been buzzing for days about Marcin Jankos Jankowski leaving G2 Esports after five incredibly successful years. Currently residing and streaming in Korea, Jankos has been slowly hinting at whats next for him in the upcoming season. And today, Jankos confirmed he wont be going to North America and competing in the LCS in 2023.

On his stream today, one of Jankos fans begged him not to go to North America. Calmly and confidently, Jankos replied that he’s not going to NA. It looks like Im kinda stuck, bro,” he said. “It looks like Im not going anywhere, maybe. It looks like I might be on the bench.

This is, as you might have already guessed, tied to Jankos contract that is, in his words, really expensive. With such an expensive contract still active, Jankos needs to find a team that will, at the same time, be competitive enough for him and able to buy him out from G2. Similar contract situations have arisen in the past with G2 and players like Martin Rekkles Larsson and Luka Perkz Perković. Jankos’ current contract with G2 isn’t set to expire until November 2023, according to the Global Contract Database.

So, the best-case scenario for Jankos right now is to try to find any European team, no matter the league, that will happily buy him out. Once they do that and he plays with them for a split or two, he can, just like Rekkles and Perkz, look for competitive teams right up his alley.

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