NA League of Legends players booted from games as servers suffer widespread issues

You aren't alone. League's NA servers are definitely going through it.

North American League of Legends servers suffered connection issues across the board early in the morning on May 12, with many players experiencing spikes. Players who were in the process of playing on Summoners Rift or the Howling Abyss saw their in-game ping spike upwards hundreds of milliseconds at a time. 

The server instability appears to be affecting players on North American servers, on both the east and west coasts of the continent. Ranked queues have been disabled as a result of the games server issues. Players in Europe and other portions of the world should not be affected by this current wave of instability. 

Reports of disconnections and ping spikes were initially made by players on the League subreddit, as well as the crowdsourced server status site Downdetector

In-game effects of the instability include constant disconnecting and reconnecting, champions unable to move, the inability to buy items in the in-game shop, and structures appearing to be intact when in reality theyve been destroyed.

Riot has marked the situation as critical on their server status webpage, saying that theyre aware of a problem causing players to disconnect from their games and have disabled ranked queues while [they] investigate. 

This article will be updated as more information is confirmed.

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