NA Fortnite merges tournament servers—and the community is split

This means more money for whoever wins.

Fortnite esports are still really popular to this day, with new players popping up in the rankings all the time. Epic Games is constantly shifting the formula to give players a more unique experience both inside and outside of the game.

One of the biggest changes for American players in a while comes from the announcement that all future competitions will be held on the new NA-Central server. This was announced by the Fortnite Competitive Twitter after many data miners had leaked that the new server would be part of this update. The change to the NA-Central server is expected to begin at the start of next season around March 10. Professional players who moved to the east or west coast to get better ping will likely feel this change the most.

In the replies to the tweet from the account, some content creators and professional players voiced their concerns. For instance, Nick Eh 30 complains that he now has nearly three times the ping in NA-Central than he did on his original server.

Other members of the community expressed their happiness with this, like the current streamer from Texas, SypherPK, who brags that he now has zero ping thanks to living so close to the data center. This will ensure that he has an advantage when it comes to competing in North American tournaments.

Since the two servers will essentially be joining together for the tournaments, Epic Games has also announced that the prize pool planned for the servers will be combined when the change takes place. This means that there will be fewer players who win, but those who do will receive twice as much as if they’d competed on their individual servers.

While the community seems to be split, it seems that Epic wants to make a more consolidated region out of the North American FNCS scene. Ideally, this will lead to more representation from other regions across the world without NA-West and NA-East both being servers that individually took up space on the world roster.

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