N0tail wants to see Valve ‘shake things up’ in the next Dota 2 patch, and he has some bold ideas

The OG legend's neurons were firing.

Of all the Dota 2 legends in the scene, N0tail is arguably the most passionate, and like others, hes looking forward to the massive overhaul patch coming next month. So much so, in fact, that during a conversation with ODPixel while they were casting together, he couldnt help but talk about his hopes and expectations for the patch.

First, the OG legend said he wants to see things like map changes and farming pattern changesboth of which he feels are necessary to really shake things up. As for how to change the map, he said it needs to be bigger due to the outpost.

Then, he said he wants Valve to add some additional elements that will force players to relearn what they know, even if its something small like a new shop or courier.

He suggested re-adding a shop in the side lane with a limited supply of regen items like tangos and salves and making each player have separate couriers again, claiming it would fix the issue of cores and supports having a seemingly endless supply of regen. It does change so much about how all this works, like the regen plus the courier is the reason why Dota can look like it does, he said. He feels like its time to change that.

The patch was expected to drop on March 6, but it turned out to be a minor patch. It did add the new hero, Muerta, and introduced some other changes, but wasnt the major Dota 2 overhaul fans were really hoping to see.

Valve did, however, confirm the big patch was coming in April. So, well have to wait until then to learn what it entails and whether N0tails suggestions end up making the cut.

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