Myth joins YouTube Gaming after 7 years of streaming on Twitch

Another streaming star switches allegiances.

Variety star Ali Myth Kabbani has become the latest veteran streamer to join the exodus to YouTube in the early 2020s, inking an exclusive deal with the Google-owned video juggernaut in July after seven years on Twitch.

Myth, 23, joins top names in the streaming scene like Valkyrae, Ludwig, TimTheTatman, and LilyPichuwho just signed last weekin the expanding YouTube stable.

In a video posted to Twitter, Myth explained that being open to change throughout his life has led him to have the success that he’s been so lucky to enjoy. Describing a few key decisions that he’s made in his life, he talked about taking risks to become a streamer as well as leaving the professional Fortnite grind. The one-minute, 20-second video culminates with him in front of a computer screen clicking the “Go Live” button.

“All my life decisions have made me who I am,” he said. “Decisions have made me who I am, and this is my decision.”

This weeks move to YouTube is a homecoming of sorts for Myth.

Before his Twitch career began in early 2016, the Syrian-American gamer spent nearly three years uploading Call of Duty highlights, reviews, and unboxing videos on his Myth_YT channela profile that now carries 4.6 million subscribers.

With his platform future secured, Myth is planning to branch out. Hes already moved into more of a “variety” streaming role after his Fortnite years. The new YouTube star is still going to stick to first-person shooters, he told The Hollywood Reporter in February, but wants to bring flair and personality to those titles too.

Expect Myth to chase more interesting projects for the rest of 2022 and into the next decade. Theres nothing stopping me besides me just doing it, he said.

Photo via Myth on Twitter

The Californian star leaves 7.4 million followers behind on Twitch.

Myth built his mega-sized fan base up over the last seven years, streaming near-daily on Twitch since 2016. The Michigan-born streamer enjoyed a major surge in viewers in 2018 alongside the famous Fortnite burst and then again in 2020 when he pivoted away from Epics battle royale to VALORANT and other titles.

At the time, he described his Twitch fame as pulling the lotto and said he was so lucky his fans stuck around despite him not pursuing a pro Fortnite career.

The newest YouTube signing joined TSM at the height of his Fortnite popularity. He, alongside battle royale personalities Hamlinz and Daequan, came together for the short-lived “Thoom House” around the same time.

Myth then exited TSM in December 2021 and is currently orgless.

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