MW2 Season 3 Reloaded brings new automatic hand cannon that people should be excited about

Keep your shooting hand steady with this terrifying pistol.

Pistol enthusiasts who have been looking for a new option in Modern Warfare 2 will be glad to know that in the upcoming Season Three Reloaded update, players will be getting their hands on a couple of new weapons that will blow away the competition.

The new update will be introducing two fully automatic handguns to the mix, Activision announced today: a machine pistol called the FTAC Siege and the GS Magna, a frightening new automatic .50-caliber hand cannon. These two pistols are solutions for two different problems, whether you’re looking for a fast, compact option while you run and gun or you’re hunting for a brutal close-quarters blaster.

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The FTAC Siege is a full-auto machine pistol that features a whole gamut of attachments to help players build the perfect secondary option. It can’t be dual-wielded, but soldiers can throw on a drum magazine, as well as a number of barrels, stocks, and muzzles that can also be found in the submachine gun class of weapons.

The GS Magna, on the other hand, will be your deterrent for anyone who wants to get up close and personal. As a fully automatic .50-caliber pistol, this weapon will deal massive amounts of damage but will suffer from a ton of recoil.

If that wasn’t enough, users can also level this weapon up until it can be dual-wielded, adding even more strength to what is an already-powerful hand cannon. Sidearm connoisseurs will be glad to know that these two weapons can be unlocked rather easily and through pure gameplay.

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Players can unlock the FTAC Siege by buying it through the store or getting 50 hipfire operator kills using a handgun of their choice. The GS Magna can be unlocked through the store as well but can also be acquired after picking up 30 operator headshots while using the .50 GS pistol.

Get ready to drop into the action when MW2 Season Three Reloaded begins on Wednesday, May 10.

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