MultiVersus shows first look at Gizmo and his moves

Gizmo will offer support and music.

MultiVersus is one of the most popular fighting games on the market right now thanks to its free-to-play model and inclusion of some of the hottest fictional characters from the last few decades. The Gremlins franchise is set to get double representation in MultiVersus, with Gizmo coming first this Thursday, Sept. 8. Ahead of Gizmo’s release, Player First Games has shared a first look at the character on Twitter.

In addition to being faithful to his movie form, a few of Gizmo’s attacks were teased ahead of his release. It looks like the Mogwai will be a Support class character, able to bolster his teammates with different buffs. One of his moves, called Gizmo-A-Go-Go, allows him to attach himself to the back of his teammate, likely providing some kind of damage or defense buff.

Song of the Mogwai will be a move that will allow Gizmo to sing and create musical projectiles that will damage nearby enemies. The last ability revealed is the Hunter’s Bow, which gives Gizmo a bow and arrow that he can charge to ignite, dealing serious damage to opponents. These are likely just a few of the different attacks that Gizmo will bring to the table.

Unfortunately, Gizmo’s bow and arrow attacks mean that a recent tweet by game director Tony Huynh wasn’t pointing to a new character down the line. He was likely just referring to Gizmo’s attack, which seems to include the Mogwai’s makeshift weapons. Some fans were hoping that it had meant that Green Arrow or other characters with bows were potentially coming.

With the character set to release sometime on Sept. 8, players will soon be able to play as the Mogwai themselves.

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