MultiVersus reveals Iron Giant info, teases announcement for tomorrow

I'm trying not to wig out here.

The MultiVersus Open Beta draws closer and closer, and now the developers are teasing some form of update on the games status while also giving a closer look at a character that wasnt featured in the previous closed teststhe Iron Giant. 

As expected, the titular character from the 1999 movie is a Tank and will be ready to lend a hand to whoever teams up with the, mostly, friendly robot. 

IGs moveset looks to take some inspiration from Superman, just like in the movie, with one of his moves literally being called Superman! The remaining moves listed on the card are Bolt Friends and Blast Radius, and here are all three of those move descriptions:

  • Superman!
    • Flies upward with his fist held heroically
  • Bolt Friends
    • Summons bolts as armor with an electrical discharge on delay
  • Blast Radius
    • Ignites his rocket boots to create a fire trail along the ground

Overall, Superman! and Blast Radius both sound like moves that can be found in Supermans moveset, but we will have to wait until we actually see the character in action to really see what makes the gentle giant stand out. 

And speaking of seeing IG in action, the card reveal was captioned *Iron Giant Voice* Card…today. Good news…tomorrow.

This could mean a number of things, but the most likely is a reveal for the MultiVersus Open Beta is going to happen very soon since it was already confirmed for a July release. That, or a character gameplay trailer for IG will be shared tomorrow and we will finally get to see how he plays, which would also hype fans up.

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