MultiVersus is getting a Gremlin-sized update on Sept. 6

Gizmo or Stripe? Why not both?

MultiVersus is getting its next playable character on Sept. 6, and unfortunately for some, his names not Rick. 

Stripe from Gremlins is joining the game next week, according to a trailer posted to the MultiVersus Twitter account. But he might not be alone. 

While Stripe is running around in the foreground tossing things around, a trunk that the camera slowly zooms in on opens to reveal a set of hands that definitely do not belong to the troublemaking Gremlin. This likely means that Gizmo, the main mogwai of the film, will be joining the roster too as some form of variant skin. 

It is currently unclear which Gremlins character will be the main appearance on the MultiVersus menu, but it will more than likely work similarly to Jake the Dog and his Cake the Cat variant. In that instance, the voice actors, lines, and certain other elements change drastically between characters while their movesets stay the same. 

The trailer did not actually confirm which character will be dropping on Sept. 6 either, so it might just be one of Gizmo or Stripe, with the other being added as a variant in the near future. 

Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty was the character many players were expecting or wanting to see added to the game next, following Morty last month. But it now appears that Rick will be pushed into a mid-to-late September release, opening the door for Black Adam to arrive sometime in October to help promote his titular film releasing in theaters on Oct. 21.

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