MultiVersus has reportedly already surpassed 10 million players

This player count will only keep growing.

With the range of fighting platformer games already out like Nickelodeon All Star Brawl and Super Smash Bros., no one knew what to expect from Warner Brothers’ MultiVersus. But when the game launched into open beta, it was such a success that the servers broke within hours. And now, MultiVersus has over 10 million active players, according to IGN.

Previously, Dot Esports reported that the MultiVersus player count had surpassed all of the other fighting games on PC alone. But in under a month, the game has gone beyond everyone’s expectations to become arguably the most played fighting game across all platforms. While there’s been no official announcement on the player count,, the site IGN used, gets its data from the game.

The free-to-play model seems to have worked well for MultiVersus since the game has clearly reached a large audience. While there have been a few slight complaints about characters and monetization, the game has also been regarded very positively. The game was featured competitively for the first time at the fighting game competition, Evo 2022.

MultiVersus features a variety of cartoon and real-life characters from the Warner Brothers catalog, although there are plans to bring on other franchises in the future. Part of the appeal is that fans have all kinds of guesses and requests for characters that could come to MultiVersus, and according to Player First Games director Tony Huynh, they’re all possible.

While the game has only been out for a couple of weeks so far, its player count could continue to climb. With the first season and Morty Smith expected to come in the next month, this player count will only grow.

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