Multiple women call out Smash pro Elegant for alleged drunken behavior at events

Elegant is under fire for his alleged bad behavior.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Matt Elegant Fitzpatrick is facing backlash on Twitter after several women spoke out about his alleged drunken behavior at esports meet-ups throughout his career.

In a Twitlong posted on Sept. 6, Shannon recounted a sexual encounter she had when she was blackout drunk with Elegant. She explained that the encounter emotionally hurt her because she had no idea what was happening.

It disgusted her to the point she didnt want anything to do with Elegant anymore because, as she explained, hes not someone [shes] interested in that kind of way.

She tried to work things out with Elegant, she said. She put on a brave face and tried to pull herself together, but she alleges Elegant instantly became touchy with her when they met at a bar. Because of this, Shannon became uncomfortable around him, especially when he was drunk. 

Elegant responded with his own Twitlonger addressing the situation. 

Elegant acknowledged everything Shannon said in her Sept. 6 statement. He, however, added that he wished she had communicated with him before posting it because it couldve been solved privately.

This exchange prompted more women to come out with statements of their own, including SailorMagatron, who shared a Twitlonger on Sept. 6. 

The first part of her post suggested something had happened between her and Elegant that was very very fucking traumatic for SailorMagatron, but she didnt want to talk about it because shes still recovering from it mentally and emotionally. 

Instead, she focused on Elegants toxic behavior when he drinks alcohol.

According to SailorMagatron, Elegant became touchy with her at Genesis 2022, which led to her leaving the venue immediately. After that, they roomed together at Low Tide City 2022a choice SailorMagatron said she made because the rooms werent cheap. According to SailorMagatron, Elegant returned to their shared room with an unknown woman and was cuddling her. This made Magatron uncomfortable because she was still recovering from her traumatic experience with him.

She confronted Elegant on Sunday that same week and explained everything that happened and how it hurt her. At first, Elegant was upset but soon realized that he was wrong for his behavior. They agreed to just hug it out and leave everything that happened in the past. But Elegant came home after losing in pools and blamed her for the loss.

After that, she immediately stopped rooming with him and moved to another friends room.

She ended her Sept. 6 post by calling out Elegants alleged concerning alcohol problem and said that addressing it publicly is the only way they can push him to change because others had already told him the same thing in private countless times. 

The final statement regarding Elegants behavior was posted on Twitter late on Sept. 6 by KayJetshadow, who shared her own encounter with the Smash pro.

KayJetshadow shared that she escorted Elegant when he was competing in Texas, driving him to tournaments and sharing the same Airbnb for several nightsa rooming arrangement that meant nothing and led to nothing, she added.

Several days into Elegants Texas trip, Kay was contacted by one of her friends asking her to pick Elegant up because he was too drunk to stay there. The call happened around midnight, which meant Kay could only take him to her parents. According to Kay, she had to drag his body to the sofa before heading upstairs to sleep.

KayJetshadow then writes that between 3am and 4am, Elegant apparently snuck into her room without her noticing. She was allegedly woken up by Elegants penis touching her leg, aimed at her, and urinating. Kay says she screamed, punched himwhich he didnt feel because he was blackout drunkran out of bed, and cradled herself in the corner of the room.

Her mother came to investigate soon after and offered to call 911 after seeing the situation with KayJetshadow and Elegant in the room. 

Following this encounter, Kay made Elegant shower and cleaned herself until her skin bled. While he was cleaning himself, Elegant vomited in the shower.

While driving Elegant to the airport, Kay says he began crying over the incident.

Elegant is a good person when he thinks clearly. But he needs help when it comes to drinking. This incident is absolutely disgusting. My mother and I had to clean my room because it was literally on the walls and floor too. Sorry for not saying something sooner, Kay said. Catch me straight swinging if another smash guy touches me again.

Elegant has yet to respond to either of the two new statements. In reply to the original Twitlonger, he said: I will say that yes, I do need to be held more accountable for my behavior while drinking and honestly won’t drink again at a Smash event after this.

The Smash pro has since disqualified himself from Riptide and will not compete.

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