Multiple TFT Augments may get benched in Set 9, major overhaul in works

Players are ready for some evergreen Augment shakeups.

Riot Games and the Teamfight Tactics balance team are considering big changes to evergreen Augments going forward starting with Set Nine, according to game designer Stephen Mortdog Mortimer in his “Learnings” article for Set Eight/8.5 Monsters’ Attack posted today. 

The launch of TFT Set Eight/8.5 Monsters’ Attack made Augments an evergreen mechanic within the autobattler, providing players with numerous strategic lines to take at three Stages throughout a game. Augments aren’t going anywhere, but a few staple Augments need to take a break, according to Mortdog and the TFT design team. These Augment shifts will likely result in some big changes to evergreen Augments within Set Nine, along with future sets as well.  

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“I think were starting to get to the point where some of the long-time staples like Celestial Blessing, Phony Frontline, Second Wind, and more have overstayed their welcome,” Mortdog said in his Set Eight Learnings article. “Another set playing with the same core Augments is too much, so with our next set, were doing a VERY large Augment refresh.”

Augments provide a number of various strategies to TFT players, from economy and plus-one of a trait to beefed-up attack damage and ability power. Economy Augments have taken the place of “drip economy,” where smaller rewards were offered to players at each Stage. Players can expect future Augments to address economy boosts, according to Mortdog.

Similar to economy Augments, trait Augments play a major role during early game Stages. The plus-one trait Augments struggled during Set Eight/8.5, with some getting removed at specific Stages. The team is aware of how trait Augments can warp the meta and is “keeping a very close eye on Augments that grant access to significant trait breakpoints in the future,” according to Mortdog.  

Hero Augments had their ups and downs throughout Monsters’ Attack but have opened the door for future evergreen Augments within TFT sets. These Augments won’t constrain players like some of the Hero Augments did within Set Eight/8.5 but will provide additional strategies players can seek out while showing off their skills. 

No official release date has been announced for TFT Set Nine at time of writing. It’s expected the set will drop sometime around June 14. Players can bid Hero Augments farewell as a main set mechanic at the Monsters’ Attack World Championship, which is being held from May 26 to 28.

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