Multiple Apex Legends and Titanfall leads form new studio with ex-Respawn talent

A new player has entered the game.

Multiple ex-leads from Apex Legends and Titanfall founded a new studio called Wildlight Entertainment on Feb. 16.

The team is led by Chad Grenier, who is a former game director of Apex, and who also worked on both Titanfall games and the original Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series. In a post on Feb. 16, Grenier revealed he had been working on creating Wildlight for the past year.

The studio is full of people who previously worked on Respawn Entertainment’s biggest IPs, Apex Legends and Titanfall. Mohammad Alavi is the lead designer at Wildlight Entertainment. He was a designer for Titanfall and Modern Warfare, and he departed Respawn last year.

Alavi is joined by a number of talented ex-Respawn employees. Kristen Altamirano is the environment artist for Wildlight, who previously contributed to both Apex and Titanfall series. People with similar experiences like Alicia Alunni, Brian Burrell, Danny Gardner, and Ryan Ehrenberg are also involved in creating Wildlight. You can check out the full team here.

The studio is currently working on a new, original IP, though it will take some time before it reveals any details. “We’ve been quietly working on a new IP for some time, and while itll be a bit before we can say more, were beyond excited for whats to come,” Wildlight’s page reads.

Wildlight is also currently hiring people for a handful of roles. While the studio will have offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, candidates are allowed to work remotely.

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