MTG The Brothers’ War goes live, offering 3 free booster packs

Crack some packs and start playing.

Wizards of the Coast is giving out three free Magic: The Gathering booster packs for the Arena digital launch of The Brothers’ War

Players can officially log into MTG Arena to play with cards from The Brothers’ War (BRO) today. The set features a unique Limited format with the addition of Retro Artifacts. All Draft packs will have one included and the Artifact is legal to play in Draft and Sealed events, along with the Historic format, similar to Mystical Archives from Strixhaven. The BRO set also features several new and returning mechanics

To get the three free BRO booster packs in MTG Arena, players will need to log into the client and click on the Store tab. Enter the code PLAYBRO in the top right-hand side and three free booster packs will show up under the Pack tab. Players can also grab five free Warhammer 40,000 card sleeves in the MTG Arena Store that are listed for zero gold, according to the Arena Daily Deals Twitter.

Players unfamiliar with the BRO cards can enter to play Sealed events, offering a wide variety of cards that include the Retro Artifacts. Draft events also went live today but not Quick Draft for The Brothers’ War. And MTG Arena players can earn up to 30 BRO booster packs with the upcoming Standard Metagame Challenge taking place from Nov. 18 to 20. 

Several Artifact bombs in Limited have the potential to impact other formats like Standard, Historic, and Explorer. Planeswalkers in the BRO set like Teferi look promising in Standard Constructed. And there are new Meld pairs in The Brothers’ War that create two giant legendaries and a planeswalker. 

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