MTG Doctor Who Commander Precon decks activate The Tardis with Planechase

Planechase returns with MTG Doctor Who Commander preconstructed decks.

Wizards of the Coast is bringing back Magic: The Gathering Planechase cards through the Doctor Who set, propelling players to different worlds as if they’re taking a trip with The Tardis. 

Planechase cards returned to Magic through the March of the Machine Commander Precon decks after being absent from the format since 2012. The Planechase cards were used to showcase various MTG Planes (worlds) that were invaded by the Phyrexian army. During a preview of Magic sets to come at MagicCon Minneapolis on May 5, WotC revealed that Planechase cards will appear once again within the upcoming MTG Doctor Who Commander Precon decks. 

The Lux Foundation Library | Image via WotC

Only one Planechase card from the Doctor Who set was spoiled, featuring The Lux Foundation Library. For fans who don’t know of the library, it is from a Doctor Who mobile game called Lost in Time that was officially released in March. 

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Planechase cards are oversized, providing abilities to all players. Each Doctor Who Commander Precon will come with a deck of Planechase cards and a Planar die. Players can roll the die to switch to another world or activate a Chaos ability that is on each Planechase card. 

The MOM Commander Precon decks contained a total of nine Planechase cards and one Phenomenon card. It’s likely the MTG Doctor Who Commander preconstructed decks will also contain the same number of cards, forming an ideal Planechase deck. 

Players can test out the Doctor Who Commander Planechase cards when the MTG set is released on Oct. 13. All MTG Doctor Who spoilers are slated to start dropping on Oct. 3 following a “First Look” session on July 28. 

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