MTG community speaks up about Arena Wildcard bundles

The consensus is divided.

Wizards of the Coast has attempted another shot at improving the MTG Arena economy with the launch of The Brothers’ Warand players are divided on how they feel about it. 

Starting with the launch of The Brothers’ War today on MTG Arena, players can opt to purchase Wildcard bundles in the store. Similar to the previous Wildcard bundle, the new versions feature a bundle of four Rare Wildcards and another with four Mythic Rare Wildcards. The Rare bundle is priced at $9.99 and the Mythic Rare bundle is priced at $19.99. Top Magic content creators like PleasantKenobi don’t like the reworked Wildcard bundles on MTG Arena and spoke out about it on Twitter today. 

Both Wildcard bundles offer players a total of four Wildcards that they can use to craft any card for any MTG Arena format. The deal is essentially the same as its previous version but at a cheaper rate with fewer Wildcards. 

Cracking packs is likely still a better option, but only if players are willing to spend more than $20. And the bundle is an expensive option for a player who wants to craft a meta deck and has no Rare or Mythic Rare cards unlocked for that build, according to PleasantKenobi.

Many of the Twitter comments under PleasantKenobi’s post agree that the reduced price and value of the bundles are still not worth purchasing. But a surprising number of players, like Rebell and Arash Afghahi, are in favor of the bundles as a $10 purchase that can fill the last remaining slots needed for a meta deck. 

Players also have an alternative option for filling those final slots within MTG Arena meta decks through the addition of Golden packs that were released with The Brothers’ War

Both the Wildcard bundles and Golden packs are available through purchases within the MTG Arena store following the digital launch of The Brothers’ War today. 

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