MTG Arena New Capenna Patch 2022.15: Full notes and updates

New cards, cosmetics, and more.

A total of 281 regular Magic: The Gathering cards were added to MTG Arena via the digital launch of Streets of New Capenna, along with the release of the Explorer format in Patch 2022.15.

The launch of MTG Arena Patch 2022.15 started off with server connection errors taking place in events and matchmaking. WotC resolved the problems several hours later, offering players 4,000 XP via a limited time code. The release of Streets of New Capenna (SNC) also contained a total of five codes, offering free card sleeves and booster packs. 

Players wanting an eternal format in MTG Arena without digital-only cards and balance changes received an early form of Pioneer via the Explorer format. WotC followed through with the Wildcard bundle, and Mythic booster packs for SNC were also added to the MTG Arena store. And a new Mastery Pass began with the release of New Capenna on April 28. 

Here are the New Capenna MTG Arena Patch notes.

General MTG Arena updates

Image via WotC

WotC pushed through an option for players that allow them to purchase all SNC booster packs with gold, with the intention of extending this option to older sets as well in the near future. Multiple issues within the Color Challenges were resolved, addressing players that were stuck. The avatar visual bug was fixed and a rare bug in Draft that caused reconnection errors was also fixed. 

  • Deck limit increased from 75 to 100
  • Explorer best-of-three tournament queue in Direct Challenge was added, along with all play modes available in other formats like Historic, Standard, and Alchemy
  • Vault progress is now always visible
  • Booster packs can get opened with an “open all” option now
  • New packs added to Jump In!
  • SNC Draft and Sealed are Live
  • Deck details display information has been updated
  • Brawl deck format filter now includes Standard and Historic variants
  • Added icons for Must Attack, Must Block, and Must be Blocked, along with improvements to Can’t Attack and Can’t Block
  • Cards on the stack that have alternative or optional additional casting costs will now show that cost greyed out if it wasn’t paid
  • Autotap was updated and improved, able to identify target-dependent discounted costs better. 
  • Land frames updated
  • Count badges are updated with a highlighted border as count grows and are fully highlighted upon crossing the threshold
  • Cards with modal abilities that only trigger once per turn now grey out the abilities that have been chosen
  • Right-click to examine a card was updated

MTG Arena store 

Image via WotC

Multiple new bundles were added to the MTG Arena store, including the Wildcard bundle. All cosmetic bundles are available for purchase with either gold or gems, with the exception being the Wildcard bundle. All individual card styles available in MTG Arena can be found here.

Wildcard bundle

Includes 12 Rare Wildcards and four Mythic Rare Wildcards for $49.99

New Capenna Sticker bundle

A total of four sticker emotes that are priced at 1,600 gems or 8,000 gold.

  • Giada Oops sticker emote
  • Falco Spara Objection sticker emote
  • Elspeth Mic Drop sticker emote
  • Halo Cheers sticker emote

Elspeth Avatar bundle

Elspeth cosmetic goodies that cost 2,750 gold or 550 gems.

  • Elspeth Resplendent avatar
  • Elspeth Resplendent sleeve

Strixhaven Star Students bundle

The STX bundle contains five Avatars and five individual card sleeves, priced at 11,000 gold or 2,200 gems.

  • Dina, Soul Steeper avatar
  • Killian, Ink Duelist avatar
  • Zimone, Quandrix Prodigy avatar
  • Rootha, Mercurial Artist avatar
  • Quintorius, Field Historian avatar
  • Witherbloom Start Student sleeve
  • Silverquill Star Student sleeve
  • Quandrix Star Student sleeve
  • Prismari Star Student sleeve
  • Lorehold Star Student sleeve

Metropolis Full Art Lands bundle

A total of five lands with two versions a piece, the Metropolis Full Art Lands bundle costs 25,000 gold or 5,000 gems.

  • Metropolis full art Planes (two versions)
  • Metropolis full art Island (two versions)
  • Metropolis full art Swamp (two versions)
  • Metropolis full art Mountain (two versions)
  • Metropolis full art Forest (two versions)

New Capenna Borderless Planeswalkers bundle

Borderless planeswalkers from SNC, priced at 3,000 gold or 600 gems.

  • Elspeth Resplendent card style
  • Vivien on the Hunt card style
  • Ob Nixilis, the Adversary card style

Borderless Land styles

A total of five SNC borderless lands, priced at 5,000 gold or 1,000 gems.

  • Sparas Headquarters card style
  • Raffines Tower card style
  • Xanders Lounge card style
  • Ziatoras Proving Ground card style
  • Jetmirs Garden card style

Borderless Card styles

A total of six alternative art card styles, priced at 5,500 gold or 1,100 gems.

  • Halo Fountain card style
  • All-Seeing Arbiter card style
  • Shadow of Mortality card style
  • Topiary Stomper card style
  • Titan of Industry card style
  • Bootleggers Stash card style

Golden Age: Obscura bundle

A total of five alternative art card styles, priced at 6,000 gold or 1,200 gems.

  • Raffine’s Tower sleeve
  • Obscure Interceptor Golden Age Showcase style
  • Raffine, Scheming Seer Golden Age Showcase style
  • Toluz, Clever Conductor Golden Age Showcase style
  • Obscura Charm Golden Age Showcase style

Golden Age: Maestros bundle

A total of five alternative art card styles, priced at 6,000 gold or 1,200 gems.

  • Xander’s Lounge sleeve
  • Maestros Diabolist Golden Age Showcase style
  • Lord Xander, the Collector Golden Age Showcase style
  • Evelyn, the Covetous Golden Age Showcase style
  • Maestros Charm Golden Age Showcase style

Golden Age: Riveteers bundle

A total of five alternative art card styles, priced at 6,000 gold or 1,200 gems.

  • Ziatora’s Proving Ground sleeve
  • Ziatora’s Envoy Golden Age Showcase style
  • Ziatora, the Incinerator Golden Age Showcase style
  • Ognis, the Dragon’s Lash Golden Age Showcase style
  • Riveteers Charm Golden Age Showcase style

Golden Age: Cabaretti bundle

A total of five alternative art card styles, priced at 6,000 gold or 1,200 gems.

  • Jetmir’s Garden sleeve
  • Fleetfoot Dancer Golden Age Showcase style
  • Jetmir, Nexus of Revels Golden Age Showcase style
  • Jinnie Fay, Jetmir’s Second Golden Age Showcase style
  • Cabaretti Charm Golden Age Showcase style

Golden Age: Brokers bundle

A total of five alternative art card styles, priced at 6,000 gold or 1,200 gems.

  • Spara’s Headquarters sleeve
  • Soul of Emancipation Golden Age Showcase style
  • Falco Spara, Pactweaver Golden Age Showcase style
  • Rigo, Streetwise Mentor Golden Age Showcase style
  • Brokers Charm Golden Age Showcase style

Art Deco Showcase styles

A total of nine alternative art card styles, priced at 16,000 gold or 3,200 gems.

  • Giada, Font of Hope card style
  • Sanctuary Warden card style
  • Errant, Street Artist card style
  • Tenacious Underdog card style
  • Scheming Fence card style
  • Urabrask, Heretic Praetor card style
  • Elspeth Resplendent card style
  • Vivien on the Hunt card style
  • Ob Nixilis, the Adversary card style

MTG Arena bug and gameplay fixes

Image via WotC
  • A rare bug in Draft was resolved that caused a card to be missing from the pack
  • Special characterization in a player’s name will no longer cause matchmaking errors
  • Emotes are working properly again
  • Imported Historic Brawl decks will default to the Friendly Brawl format now
  • The header “Recently Played” will now localize properly
  • Language bugs were resolved
  • Players will no longer get targeting confirmations when looking through their own graveyard
  • Sanguine Brushstroke will now show the rebalanced version of Blood Artist
  • Mindlink Mech will no longer get additional bonuses when crewed multiple times
  • Cards with special cast permissions that cost life now correctly show the normal Mana cost when moused over, and 0 while castable
  • Cards with Aftermath that have perpetually reduced costs will display correctly when in the graveyard
  • Post Direct Challenge matches will no longer have a long delay on the post-match screen
  • The background color for the multiplier in duplicate abilities will match the rest of the text now
  • WotC fixed an issue where mana with a restriction, when left floating by Leyline Tyrant, would lose its restriction after several turns
  • Mutation issues with Tezzeret, Cruel Machinists have been resolved
  • Opponent sticker emotes will no longer appear upside down
  • The Treasure token created by Fable of the Mirror-Breaker is now from NEO
  • Reconfigured creatures sometimes moved to the artifact row when they should have moved directly to being attached.
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