MTG Arena economy gets a boost from Golden packs in Brothers’ War pre-order bundle

A new booster pack has been added to MTG Arena.

Wizards of the Coast will implement a significant step toward an improved MTG Arena economy with the release of The Brothers’ War

The economy within MTG Arena has been a hot topic since the digital card game launched in 2018. WotC addressed the economic issues with a stream on March 17, creating Mythic booster packs and a highly debatable Wildcard bundle. Taking a step toward potentially improving the economy, since the two previous options didn’t have much of an impact, WotC revealed today in the MTG Arena announcements the creation of Golden packs. 

What is an MTG Arena Golden pack?

A Golden pack in MTG Arena is a reward booster pack offered to players within the pre-order bundles for The Brothers’ War (BRO). It is unknown at time of writing if the Golden booster packs are limited to the pre-order bundles or if they’ll be offered elsewhere. 

Image via WotC

Each Golden pack contains six Standard-legal cards, all of which have a rarity of Rare or Mythic Rare. At least one of the six is always a Mythic Rare from any Standard-legal set and two of the Rares are from the BRO set. There is a one in eight chance that a Rare within a Golden pack will get upgraded to a Mythic Rare. No wildcards are created upon cracking open a Golden booster pack. 

Where is the MTG Arena Golden pack offered?

At time of writing, the only way to get an MTG Arena Golden booster pack is in the Mishra pre-order pack bundle for BRO. The pre-order bundle contains 50 BRO booster packs, along with five Golden packs. Mishra’s pack bundle is priced at $49.99. 

Image via WotC

The digital release for The Brothers’ War in MTG Arena will take place on Nov. 15. Players can pre-order the BRO bundles starting on Oct. 27, up to the digital release of the Standard-legal set. 

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