Mr. Beast ‘100 percent’ plans on purchasing an LCS team in the next few years

Mr. Beast is smashing that subscribe button on North American League.

One of the biggest names on the internet has officially stated that hes ready to invest in professional League of Legendsparticularly within the North American scene.

During the pre-show for the upcoming 2022 League of Legends World Championship finals match between T1 and DRX, Jimmy Mr. Beast Donaldson confirmed that he is interested in purchasing an LCS team in the near future. This follows weeks of rumors surrounding the content creator and the potential he had to buy a team within the region.

When asked on the analyst desk by Azael about purchasing an LCS team, Mr. Beast responded 100 percent. However, Mr. Beast specified that he wants to make sure hes doing it right and at the right time, as he would like a team that he invests in to make it to a Worlds finalssomething a team from the LCS has never been able to do.

Though Mr. Beast didnt give any specific information, he mentioned that he may purchase a team within the next one or two years. It is unclear if he plans to purchase an existing LCS team or create a team of his own, as it is apparent that this decision is in the planning phase for Mr. Beast.

Earlier this year, Mr. Beast held a large League event between him and Ninja, featuring a multitude of prevalent content creators like Ludwig Ahgren, Emiru, Doublelift and Tyler1. Mr. Beast has spoken openly about his appreciation for League and how it has held up for over the past decade.

As of now, no team that competed within the 2022 LCS season has dropped out of the league for the upcoming 2023 season. However, most of the teams are expected to undergo massive roster changes within the offseason due to poor performances both domestically and internationally throughout the year.

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