MOUZ, BnE one step closer to reaching Legends Stage in IEM Rio CS:GO Major

The Legends Stage is so close they can smell it.

The stage is set, matches have commenced, and teams have come out swinging. The first round of best of ones of CSGO’s IEM Rio Major 2022 Challenger Stage have finished, with the second round just beginning.

Now teams whove lost their first match have to wake up and keep their heads above water.

Evil Geniuses had a rough start against MOUZ on Mirage, with the American org struggling on the CT side. MOUZ ended the half with an 11-4 lead on the more challenging side.

The two international rosters battled it out to progress further into the tournament with a squeaky clean win rate, with MOUZ ultimately coming out on top, 16-10. Sanzhar neaLaN Iskhakov could only do so much for the EG squad though; the rest of the team struggled to have a positive kill/death ratio. 

Dorian xertioN Berman was far and away the strongest player on the server. He carried the squad with an incredible 124.0 average damage per round, finishing up with 29 kills and 16 deaths.

BIG took on Bad News Eagles in their second best-of-one match on Dust 2. The tactical German side was no match for the Kosovar squad, with BnE winning 16-11. The BnE side had a fairly consistent scoreline across all members, with no stand-out players taking control of the match. 

Both BnE and MOUZ are 2-0 in the Challengers Stage of IEM Rio 2022. Theyll progress to the best of three matches with two lifelines before any elimination match.

EG and BIG will be a part of the 1-1 squads but aren’t eliminated just yet.

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