Most picked agents and maps at VCT Masters Copenhagen

These agents and maps saw the most screen time.

VCT Masters Copenhagen was another stellar showing of international VALORANT, providing an ample appetizer of incredible competition before the upcoming main course, VCT Champions 2022.

Success at the highest stage isn’t just about having the best players, it’s about understanding which agents are the most prolific and what maps they operate best on. The teams on the highest level all understand this, and as a result, some agents and maps stand out above the rest.

Here’s a look at the most picked agents and maps during VCT Masters Copenhagen, according to data from and

Most picked agents at VCT Masters Copenhagen

Image via Riot Games

Chamber – 77 percent

Chamber was by far and away the most popular agent selection during the tournament. Chamber had a total pick rate of over 70 percent, and put considerable distance between himself and other agents. And unlike other agents, there was no specific map where he largely went ignored; he’s a universal favorite. He’s not just a popular pick. He’s a foundational part of the meta, with most teams putting their most dynamic player on him. Chamber is perfectly designed for getting entry kills, he can exert an amount of map control, and his Headhunter/Tour De Force combo is one of the most dynamic in the game.

Raze – 54 percent

With Chamber taking on the entry/Operator role, Jett’s pick rate has fallen off considerably, paving the way for Raze to take the top duelist spot. She’s most notably a popular pick on Bind, Split, and Fracture; the maps with the smaller spike sites make her abilities more prolific. She’s a great combo agent with Fade, who can deafen and trap opponents to set them up for Raze’s explosiveness.

Fade – 52 percent

Fade has crept up to the top of the agent charts as perhaps the most popular initiator. Her abilities are equal parts informative and disorienting, and she can shut down a site’s entire defense with her Nightfall wave. With such an open skyline, Fade has become an essential part of almost any Ascent composition; she has a 90 percent pick rate on that map alone.

Viper – 46 percent

Viper emerged as the top controller at the event, with a combined +80 percent pick rate on Breeze, Icebox, and Bind combined. Particularly on Breeze and Icebox, her ultimate can shrink the larger-sized sites into something more manageable and make it daunting for opposing teams to retake or plant. Additionally, she has access to a wide range of Snakebite lineups.

KAY/O – 44 percent

KAY/O sits right behind Fade on the overall pick rate, with both agents running together in 20 out of 22 agent selections on Ascent alone. KAY/O, on his own, was picked by both sides in all 11 maps played on that map. He was also a popular pick on Split, Icebox, and Breeze.

Most picked maps at VCT Masters Copenhagen

Image via Riot Games

Fracture – 13 picks

VALORANT‘s newest map, excluding Pearl, which hasn’t been added to the pro map pool yet, has become one of the most popular selections amongst the pros. Only Fracture and Haven have a higher attack round win percentage than defensive round win percentage, as both maps offer more opportunities for the attacking side to get plants down on spike. It’s also the only map that sees regular Neon play; her speed is vital on the attack side, with the defenders able to rotate so quickly through their spawn.

Bind – 13 picks

Bind has been a popular choice, with teams opting to run double controller with Viper and Brimstone to set up numerous one-ways and chokepoints. Raze is also a go-to choice, with several attack-side spots available to Blast Pack from.

Ascent – 11 picks

Ascent is the most popular defensive-sided choice of maps, and like on Bind teams loved to run double controller composition. But with so many hiding spots to check, double initiator was even more prominent: KAY/O had a 100 percent pick rate on Ascent, with Fade clocking in at 91 percent.

Haven – 11 picks

Haven is a popular choice among pro teams, with so many options on attack for pro teams to choose from. As mentioned earlier, only Haven and Fracture have higher attack round win percentages than defensive round win percentages. Interestingly though, pistol rounds almost always favor the defensive side. Many teams supplement their attack side with a double initiator comp featuring Breach and Fade.

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