More than a VALORANT content creator: Sentinels’ Tarik leads all NA top-ranked players in wins this act

Let him cook.

One of the biggest streamers in the world is also the winningest ranked VALORANT player in all of North America heading into the final week of Episode Five, Act Three.

Tarik Celik, a former CS:GO pro and VALORANT streaming megastar for the Sentinels brand, is currently leading the entire field of North American players (at least against the top 300 Radiant players) in terms of total wins with an astonishing 375 victories, according to

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It’s worth noting, though, that he is streaming at time of writing, so this could be even higher by now.

As if the number of wins on its own isn’t impressive enough, he’s also ranked 18th overall among the highest-ranked tier of Radiant players and is the only player in the top 30 with over 300 total wins. His cohort on Sentinels, pro player Zachary “zekken” Patrone, currently holds the No. 1 spot with an entire 100 points difference between himself and second place.

With only a week to go before Episode Five, Act Three ends, tarik has a good chance of keeping the top spot in wins at the pace he plays but may have to hold off NRG’s Sam “s0m” Oh, who is currently sitting at 368 total ranked wins.

According to tarik’s numbers on, he’s posted 375 wins against 276 losses to produce a 57.2 percent win rate, which is among the top 3.1 percent of all VALORANT players. He’s mostly played Chamber and Jett while also fitting in some matches on Raze and Reyna, but his highest win rate and K/D ratings come on Chamber.

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These elite in-game numbers coincide with some impressive streaming numbers. Over the past 90 days, according to data from SullyGnome, he’s ranked in the top 100 of all streamers in followers and followers gained (with over 100,000 gained during this time), and the top 200 in peak viewers and total views. Just yesterday, he passed the 2.4 million follower mark. All of this has been achieved by almost exclusively watching or playing VALORANT.

Tarik will also be joining forces with streaming star Ludwig to host the “Lil Bro Cup” set for later this month as part of the official VALORANT OFF//SEASON.

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