More and more Dota 2 bugs keep popping up as New Frontiers patch hits speed bump

No, Weaver isn't classed as a bug in this case.

Dota 2s 7.33 patch launch on April 20 brought a ton of new features, but as can be expected with changes of this scale, plenty of bugs have appeared in the days since the update’s releasesome minor, others game-breaking.

And while Valve has responded quickly to some of the more troubling issues this week, the games outage on April 25 and constant upkeep of servers as players flood into lobbies again have meant a few pesky bugs have slipped the cracks.

One such bug that has had a profound impact on matches has been an issue with Glimmer Cape. The item had fallen out of popularity over the last few patches, but 7.33s revamp has breathed new life into the Cape, which now grants a movement speed bonus and a 300 magic damage barrier alongside its short duration of invisibility.

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Unfortunately, as one Dota 2 player discovered, should that damage barrier be broken at any time during Glimmer Capes active duration, invisibility is immediately ended. While the magic damage barrier is a huge benefit and not dissimilar to the items old magic resistance bonus, most supports purchase the Cape for its invisibility, allowing for more mobility and survival during a team fighst.

Arguably more game-breaking is an issue with Undyings Aghanims Shard upgrade to Tombstone, which converts the Tombstone into a bunker of sorts, allowing allied heroes to enter and avoid damage. Undying can also use Grab Ally to throw a teammate into the Tombstone.

However, should Undying use Grab Ally on a tethered Io, throwing the Wisp into the Tombstone, the game will crash for everyone immediately.

Its not the only odd interaction with Undyings Tombstone either: another Dota player found that units like Couriers, Venomancers Plague Wards, and Pugnas Nether Ward can use the Warp Gates to teleport across the map.

One player found any non-rooted unit can use the Warp Gate, with another listing a wider range of abilitiessome of which, like Shadow Shaman or Witch Doctors ultimates, could have a profound impact on the game.

To Valves credit, theyve been very responsive to the worst offenders. Riki, a hero who has seen a huge spike in win rate following changes to his kit in 7.33, had a bit of help on the patchs launch after it was discovered Dust of Appearance did not break his invisibility. Valve was swift to fix the issue, and updated the hero within a day.

The devs also fixed a visual glitch where moving the camera toward the Radiants new Defender Gate region obscured the players vision, despite no such fault affecting players on Dire. The tree in question was quickly cut down.

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It is crucial for Valve to iron out as many bugs as possible ahead of the Berlin Major, with the $500,000 USD tournament kicking off on Wednesday, April 26.

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