Mordekaiser player finds the ultimate counter to Nasus

A simple yet smart trick.

There are certain champions in League of Legends that are incredibly annoying to play against. With champions like Nasus, for instance, games can turn from being fun to being a pain in the neck in a matter of minutes.

With the scaling on his Siphoning Strike (Q), going into the late game against Nasus can be unbearable. Every time the Curator of the Sands slays an enemy with it, its damage will increase. When Siphoning Strike is stacked up, it can eliminate squishy targets in two hits, while also destroying neutral objectives in a span of seconds. There are, however, counters to every champion, and a Mordekaiser player seems to have found the perfect solution to Nasus.

The Iron Revenant is known for his ultimate, which allows him to drag an enemy target into the Death Realm, where Mordekaiser and the targeted opponent fight each other. Other champions, or monsters, cannot interrupt this duel for a couple of seconds.

In a clip posted on League’s subreddit by Lobsterbuffet100, the Mordekaiser player uses his Realm of Death (R) in a truly inventive way. Whenever a huge wave was about to crash under the turret where Nasus was ready and waiting to collect his farm and stack his Siphoning Strike, Mordekaiser used his ult on him. Therefore, Nasus couldn’t eliminate minions and collect those sweet stacks on his Q.

Still, while it looks smart, it’s probably not the best way to use Mordekaiser’s ultimate, which is much better utilized in teamfights. The Iron Revenant remains one of the best top laners in League at the moment, with a 52.04 percent win ratio, according to Nasus, on the other hand, sits at a 50.25 percent win rate.

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