MoonMeander warns former teammate of a dire future after his move to Shopify Rebellion for the 2023 DPC season

Neva eva cross MoonMeander.

The North American Dota world is going through a series of changes. From long-term organizations leaving to last-minute roster moves, the 2023 roster shuffle season had it all, including Jonáš “SabeRLight” Volek finding a new home in NA.

After a stellar season with TSM that ended on a sour note at The International 2022, SabeRLight moved on to Shopify Rebellion earlier this month alongside Cr1t and Arteezy. As the offlaner settles into his new environment, his former captain, TSMs MoonMeander, recently shared his thoughts regarding the move in a nostalgic stream, which took his fans to the golden era of his channel.

For those who didn’t follow MoonMeander prior to his Dota 2 days, he was a young talent trying to break into the competitive Heroes of Newerth scene in the 2010s. During this time, MoonMeander was known for his energetic streams that included dancing around after performing amazing plays while taunting his opponents as much as possible.

As one of the most iconic songs from that era of his stream played in the background, “Neva Eva” by Trillville, MoonMeander shared his thoughts regarding SabeRLights move to Shopify Rebellion.

SabeRLight is a cuck, guys, hes a betrayer, MoonMeander said. He joined a team that kicks its offlaner every year. See you, SabeRLight, in the free agency market next year when you get kicked.

MoonMeander continued his speech with his expectations of how SabeRLight will come back crying to him and asking for forgiveness as the stream serves as a warning for the European offlaner. TSMs coach wrapped up this section of his stream with assurances that his team was out to get Shopify Rebellion in the upcoming season.

While MoonMeanders words may sound harsh at first, all were said in good fun and faith in a nostalgic environment for his longtime fans. He was once known for his epic on-stream speeches without a care in the world and considering hes great friends with SabeRLight, MoonMeanders words can be considered as friendly banter and a challenge for the 2023 DPC season.

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