MoonMeander reflects on becoming a coach and TSM’s journey to Dota 2 Lima Major

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David MoonMeander Tan has delved into his journey from being a successful Dota 2 player to a well-respected coach in a recent interview with Esports Heaven. During the conversation, MoonMeander reflected on his new life as a coach and shared his thoughts on TSM’s impressive performance in the last season, which led them to the Lima Major.

The veteran player described his transition into coaching as fluid. Particularly enjoying the calm and fatherly parts of the job, Moon expressed that he was happy to sip his coffee and watch his players improve daily.

Moon also shared glimpses of his coaching style after he was asked about his overall involvement with the players.

As a coach, its my role to listen to my teammates, Moon said. Whether its strategy, team issues, or even girl problems.

In addition to helping TSM’s players improve at Dota 2, Moon has been focused on helping them with all parts of life so they dont become small sons.

Moons first season as coach at TSM put his teachings under the spotlight, and they are already working wonders since the team snatched the No. 1 spot in NA after beating Shopify Rebellion.

Moon was proud of TSMs performance throughout the first tour of the 2023 DPC. Waking up early to grind until sunset without any complaints allowed TSM to rise above its competition, finishing the season with an excellent run.

During The International 2022, pros started raising concerns about the DPC format. Valve took note of their feedback and came up with a shorter structure, which Moon also loved. TSMs coach believes Dota 2 has been more fun to watch this year since it resembles the golden era of competitive Dota 2 from 2015 and 2016.

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