Moist face a single hurdle to reach NA VALORANT Challengers Mid-Season Faceoff

They can shape their own destiny.

Moist Esports forms one-half of the content creator-backed organization duo in the NA VALORANT Challengers League, along with Disguised Toast’s team. And while the “content clash” hasn’t happened yet, Disguised Toast is already one step ahead of the Moist Moguls and Ludwig.

Heading into the final week of the first split in the NA VALORANT Challengers League, Disguised have already qualified for a spot at the Mid-Season Faceoff by earning a top-four placement in Group B. Even after suffering a beatdown at the hands of M80 in week four, and even if they lose in week five, their current 2-2 record is good enough considering both MAD Lions and OREsports are entering week five with 0-5 records.

Moist Moguls are not heading to the Mid-Season Faceoff just yet, but their fate is in their own hands even after their disastrous Moist debut in week three.

The most assured path to the Mid-Season Faceoff for Moist is to simply win their Thursday, March 16 matchup against FaZe Clan. With Moist, FaZe, Turtle Troop, and Oxygen all sitting at 2-2 and facing each other in the final week, a win for Moist would ensure that they finish ahead of at least two other teams.

Moist will have the momentum advantage going into their FaZe match coming off a marathon three-map series victory over Shopify Rebellion, while FaZe lost decisively to Oxygen in week four.

It is possible for Moist to advance to the Mid-Season Faceoff even with a loss, but it requires a few conditions to be met. Moist would have to lose by a razor-thin margin, the Turtle Troop vs. Oxygen match would have to be a blowout, and Shopify pretty much have to lose against G2. Because the standings tiebreakers are determined by round differential, a Shopify win or a decisive Moist loss would sink the Moguls’ chances of going to the mid-season bracket.

Finishing outside of the top four means a smaller amount of Challengers points, and a missed opportunity to earn more points at the Mid-Season Faceoff. Those points are key to avoiding a lower-bracket start in the playoffs later on.

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