Modern Warfare 2’s tactical sprint is bugged, but a fix is on the way

If you feel slower, it's for a reason.

A new Call of Duty update has brought a new bug that will hamper most players in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer.

CoD players who hopped online today to try out the Season Two Reloaded update were quickly met with an interesting, unintended change. Players attempting to use the tactical sprint feature soon realized that it had a way longer cooldown than usual.

As seen in the video tweeted above, the cooldown for tactical sprint is currently over a minute long. The replies quickly filled with outrage as players wondered if a change was made without being announced in the patch notes for the update.

But not long after players noticed the slower tactical sprint, MW2’s developers at Infinity Ward swiftly announced that it is indeed a bug and not a purposeful change. It said that the team is working on a “small update” to fix the problem.

“The change was unintentional and due to current investigation around the melee sprint reset exploit,” Infinity Ward said. “Tactical Sprint behavior should return to normal once the update is live.”

It’s unknown when a fix for the error will be live, but it may be worth taking a break from ranked play until the update is applied and tactical sprint turns back to normal, allowing players to contest objectives swiftly.

Season Two Reloaded update for MW2 and Warzone 2 is live now.

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