Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play leaderboard highlights CDL pros, and one of them has already cracked top 250 in the world

The UI lets you know when you're ranked with a pro.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play mode has been available for just two days, but the grind has already been quite real for players everywhere, including Call of Duty League pros.

One of the cool features of MW2′s ranked mode is the leaderboard. The top 250 players in each season are shown, but special treatment is given for CDL pros, offering every player a chance to see how they compare with some of the world’s best.

Today, the CDL revealed the first pro from the league to make it into the top 250 is Drazah from the Los Angeles Thieves. In the image tweeted above by the CDL, Drazah is shown as the 17th player in the world, ranked by skill rating.

Ranked play is a truly welcome addition to MW2. It offers a big-time grind for players of all skill levels to test their mettle, but it’s also been a boon to content creation for players like Drazah and other CDL pros, current and former.

Drazah revealed that he had one of his best streams in the early morning hours today. Ranked play gives CDL stars a mode to grind and grow their own streams, which will only help the league in the long run. And for players to see someone like Drazah among them in the ranks is also an excellent change for the game.

Drazah will have to take a break from ranked play to participate in an actual CDL match this afternoon when the Thieves match up with the Vegas Legion at 2pm CT.

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