Modern Warfare 2’s Gun Game mode on the impossibly small Shipment map is hilarious

You just have to laugh.

Call of Duty’s Gun Game mode returned this week in Modern Warfare 2, and it’s been a blast for players to jump into and race toward the finish line to get a kill with every applicable weapon.

But some players quickly found out that Gun Game and MW2’s smallest map, Shipment, do not make for a great combo. Or is it the greatest combo ever? That probably depends on which side of this recent Reddit post you fell on.

Recently, a MW2 player ended up on Shipment while playing Gun Game. And the fast-paced kill-and-respawn cadence did not mix very well with the tiny location.

As evidenced in the Reddit video above, the spawns are not very friendly for the casual game type. The Reddit user, The_Noid8, simply stands in the corner of the map, farming kills as the other players spawn directly in front of him, mercilessly slaying them without having to move.

In total, they rack up 16 kills in about 35 seconds to pull off what’s probably the easiest victory in Gun Game history. It should come as no surprise to anyone who’s played Shipment throughout its multiple iterations in the franchise, but it’s still hilarious to watch.

Gun Game is available to play in MW2 this week, but it could be replaced with the weekly playlist reset this upcoming Wednesday, March 1, so make sure to play it before it’s gone.

Or don’t, if you want to avoid getting farmed like the poor souls above.

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