Modern Warfare 2 trailer gives fans multiplayer and Warzone details

CoD is back, baby.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 trailer that dropped today gave gamers everywhere their first look at several new exciting updates coming to multiplayer and Warzone

The trailer showed teams battling in several new locations around the world, including what appears to be the U.S. and Mexico border. Operators were also shown swimming and shooting underwater, adding a new layer of combat that changes the way players can approach situations. 

Fans also got a look at new equipment coming in MW2. A new grenade can be attached to the ceiling to take out enemies above, and a new camera can be placed on walls to keep track of enemy movement. 

A new mode involving rescuing a hostage is also coming. The trailer shows a player saving a hostage from battle. 

Assassinations also appear to be returning since a player can be seen stabbing an unsuspecting enemy, meaning players can continue to humiliate their opponents. New movement abilities like diving and hanging on ledges are coming to multiplayer too, changing the ways players can traverse the environment. 

Warzone players also got a look at new features coming in MW2. Operators can now climb on vehicles to engage enemies and a new shock grenade can disable vehicles with a well-placed throw. 

MW2 will be released on Oct. 28. 

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