Modern Warfare 2 season 01 battle pass trailer leaks early, reveals combat map system

You can choose which rewards you want to unlock in the new system.

The upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II season 01 update is coming tomorrow, but fans got an early look at the new battle pass system in a video uploaded early. 

The new Season 01 Battle Pass trailer was posted early on Australian channels, according to Charlie Intel. The trailer gives fans a first look at the new battle pass system, which is a significant departure from previous passes. 

Traditionally, players would have to grind levels of a battle pass to unlock rewards at each tier. Every player would progress the same way, unlocking the same content. But the new system gives players a choice in progression, allowing them to spend points to choose their own path.

The Season one Battle Pass features a combat map with different sectors. Each sector is unlocked with Battle Token Tier Skips, which players unlock by playing multiplayer or Warzone 2

Each Combat Sector includes five rewards, including a high-value target. Completing sectors unlocks adjacent sectors, allowing players to choose their path based on which rewards they want. Completing all sectors unlocks bonus rewards, making it worth the grind. 

The battle pass features over 100 rewards, including 1,400 CoD points. Completing the first battle pass provides enough points to purchase the next pass without spending more money. Players can unlock 20 free items by completing the pass if they dont want to spend money, though.

The season 01 update is available for preload, but the new season launches tomorrow at 12pm CT. 

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