Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play update aims to ‘improve the competitiveness’ for solo players

Solo play is always tough in ranked games.

A new background update to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 should have an impact on matchmaking for solo players in Ranked Play, Treyarch announced today.

Mounting player complaints about solo players matching up against full teams of four forced the developer’s hand in pushing the update, which has already been deployed into MW2’s competitive mode.

Just yesterday, Treyarch associate director Lawrence Metten said on Twitter that the team was “actively evaluating some changes we hope will make solo play competitively viable in all Skill Divisions.” It’s unclear if this change is what the dev had in mind, or if more is on the way.

“We will continue to monitor solo, and party Ranked Play performance and make adjustments to ensure that both solo and party play are competitively viable,” Treyarch said.

Recently, players such as Beans from the Call of Duty League’s Boston Breach spoke out about the solo experience in Ranked Play, agreeing that a duo queue maximum or less SR for four-stacks should be the “absolute bare minimum” for a ranked system.

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With several rewards, skill divisions, and ranks to grind through, MW2’s Ranked Play mode has generally been a positive for players looking to take their CoD multiplayer gameplay to the next level. But it’s still a work in progress, with more changes and tweaks likely to come throughout the year.

The first season of MW2’s Ranked Play mode should be coming to an end around the middle of April when season three of the game begins.

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