Modern Warfare 2 players celebrate return of Valderas Museum map but have one major complaint

It's back from the beta, but not quite perfect yet.

The return of the Valderas Museum map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has been surrounded by controversy.

The medium-sized map that was available in the game’s beta and then not playable in the launch of the original game was added as part of season two this week. Players are happy about its return but annoyed that it was available in the beta and now added into the game as if it was an all-new map.

In general, the map seems to be enjoyable for the player base, but many CoD grinders have voiced their opinion on one main gripeValderas Museum is just too damn big for regular six-vs-six modes.

A Reddit thread on the subject had many players discussing the map’s size and wishing for a 10-vs-10 playlist since they feel the map is too big for the current six-vs-six crop of modes. The lack of a 10-vs-10 playlist feels especially egregious considering last year’s title, Call of Duty: Vanguard, had selectable lobby sizes.

“It doesn’t make sense really,” one commenter said. “We had that in Modern Warfare 2019 and in Vanguard most players played on higher pacing. Why [did they remove] the feature that [requires] close to no resources to add? Like sure, they probably need to tweak some spawns and that’s it. Don’t tell me it has something to with their attempts at persistent lobbies. Those aren’t working anyway.”

The feature in Vanguard, Combat Pacing, allowed players to select how large the lobbies would be. The higher the player count, the faster the pacing, hence the name. And many are in agreement that the map is just too big for six-vs-six.

“Combat Pacing would really improve gameplay,” another commenter said. “Ive said it since the beginning a lot of these maps would flow really well with 10-vs-10.”

One of the main issues with CoD in recent years has been how Activision deploys what modes are playable each week. Modes are constantly added and removed as available playlists, so players are often left confused why their favorite mode or map is currently not available to grind on. But many agree that a feature like Combat Pacing would help.

“If combat pacing is added I will genuinely go from feeling neutral on this game (bad to neutral with the new additions of ranked etc) to good about it,” the Reddit post’s original poster said. “It is SUCH a good thing.”

Valderas Museum is a solid map, but it seems like it would be better suited for different game modes than the ones currently on offer. The player base is hoping next week’s playlist update has something new.

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