Modern Warfare 2 players are already finding ways to exploit map

OpTic members find "paper thin" walls.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer released only days ago, but its active player base is already finding major flaws and means to exploit the maps. OpTic Gaming’s Team Summertime particularly discovered a major flaw on the Breenbergh Hotel.

The release of MW2 has seen countless issues as the game separately released its campaign and multiplayer modes. While some have struggled to simply enter the game itself, issues have apparently continued after gaining access to the long-awaited title.

As always, map design has been a major topic of conversation among the CoD community with MW2’s multiplayer locations being no different. While some maps pose no issue, others have been deemed as completely broken and exploitable in their current states.

Team Summertime, a crew consisting of OpTic members Hitch, Jorge, and 6lake, went through each map with a fine-tooth comb to analyze every current map in MW2. Playing on Breenbergh Hotel, the OpTic crew found an especially poignant issue wherein bullets could pierce through multiple walls.

“You literally just go up there and shoot through the wall. Right here,” Hitch said. “It literally is paper.” The veteran CoD players used the hotel’s exploit to great success, taking out opponents from leagues away with multiple walls between themselves and their targets, all with only using an in-game error.

Since the walls in question are right by the bomb placement, defending B-site players can easily cover the zone without ever being in danger due to this game-breaking bug. Those unlikely enough to attempt to plant or defuse the bomb, unaware of this issue, will be swarmed with bullets from a completely unknown direction.

Though MW2 will undoubtedly have countless updates and hotfixes throughout its lifespan, the CoD player base has wasted no time in wracking up the current issues, bugs, and exploits currently in the game.

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