Modern Warfare 2 player claims to have reached 10th prestige without getting a single kill

This is truly some serious dedication.

One of the nice things about the long-running Call of Duty franchise is that it brings in a wide variety of different players and playstyles from across the spectrum of gamers.

There are sweaty grinders who want to rank up the competitive ladder, there are casual players who enjoy turning off their brains and shooting everything on Shipment 24/7, and everything in between. This also includes players who never shoot their gun or even get a kill, apparently.

A pacifist CoD player posted a screenshot of their Combat Record to Reddit on May 5, showing off some astounding statistics. According to the image, they’ve played nearly 700 matches in almost five days of in-game playtime without recording one kill. Not a single kill.

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Their kill/death ratio sits at 0.00, meaning they have never killed a single other player in the game, and yet they boast a 2.94 win/loss ratio.

The Redditor, with the username Pilgore1, went on in the comments to reveal that they simply play the objective and “shoot down everything in the sky” to help their team to victory.

“I get every lobby you can possibly think of,” they said. “People who have no idea what they’re doing, yep. Christmas noobs, yep. Your standard lobby, yep. Super nerds jumping and sliding everywhere, yep. Party of six 4KD Twitch streamers (I checked), yep. Cheaters, yep. I have no SBMM.”

Pilgore1 said they’ve played “about 50/50” solo games and with their friends. And they even backed up their claims with multiple videos offering proof of what one of their matches looks like.

“People underestimate how much impact someone sitting on the hardpoint with a riot shield, constantly calling in UAV/CUAV, and destroying killstreaks can have on a team,” Pilgore1 said.

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Many commenters in the thread, scratching their heads, had one simple question for Pilgore1: How and why? And their answer was quite simple, and a gentle reminder of the fragility of all of our gaming careers.

“It’s a video game, everything we do is pointless,” they said.

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