Modern Warfare 2 is getting its first double XP weekend in over a month

XP grinders, it's your time to shine.

Call of Duty fans, get ready to finish out those battle passes or rank up that gun you’ve been avoiding.

Modern Warfare 2’s next double XP weekend has been confirmed, coming up this Friday, May 26, and lasting throughout the Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., giving players something to do after their barbecue parties come to an end.

CoD has not had a double XP weekend since the end of April. PlayStation players had a day of extra double XP beginning on April 20, but the XP boost ended on April 24, so it’s been several weeks since players had added incentive to hop online.

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This weekend’s XP boost will double up the XP gains for player XP, weapon XP, and battle pass XP, so you just know the Shipment 24/7 playlist will be popping off with players grinding out whatever they’ve been lagging behind on in season three.

Season four is still not due for another few weeks, so it’s possible fans could get another double XP weekend ahead of its launch. The new season is currently scheduled to begin on June 14, so the final double XP weekend could begin on June 9.

The next double XP weekend will run from Friday, May 26 at 12pm CT all the way until Tuesday, May 30 at 12pm CT.

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