Modern Warfare 2 devs tease return of multiplayer map veteran players ‘really liked’

It may be coming sooner than you think.

A “classic” Call of Duty map is coming in a future season of Modern Warfare 2, according to the game’s developers at Infinity Ward.

The news was revealed in an interview with Dexerto in which Infinity Ward devs teased that the map is “coming pretty soon,” which could be as soon as next month’s Season Four, currently scheduled to begin around June 14.

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Were bringing an older [map] back that some CDL guys, they really liked when they were at our office, multiplayer design director Geoff Smith said.

In recent years, CoD games have deployed a mixture of both new and classic maps. MW2 has been no different, offering several new maps in its seasons along with classics like Shipment and Shoot House. It’s a delicate balance, according to Smith.

To be honest, theres good, fun gameplay there,” Smith said. “Its kind of silly to not use into those and lean into the strengths of those maps. Kind of a broken record, but its also this balance between brand new stuff and something thats familiar.”

Smith admitted that there’s “power in nostalgia” of bringing back older maps, that may not have been as popular as when they were active in past games, but fans tend to look back on them with “rose-tinted glasses.”

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Even when we do new maps, people will say Oh I didnt like this, this other map was way better,” Smith said. “It feels almost like it takes some time to get used to something new. Then suddenly two years later theyre like oh man, Hackney Yard was a great map, but during the launch of it youre like that was a piece of crap.”

Season Three of MW2 and Warzone 2 is ongoing and available now.

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