Modern Warfare 2 already got another update just one day after season 2 began

Well, that was quick.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s season two update hit just yesterday morning, but Infinity Ward has already deployed an additional one today to fix some bugs that popped up with it.

One of the biggest fixes in the update had to do with battle pass tokens that were left over from season one. The issue had to do with them not showing up within the user interface, leading many to believe their tokens were long gone. That was not the case, and the bug has now been fixed.

Other rectifications included several new crashing issues, including one “that could occur at game client start” and the developer is working to “continue to prioritize further fixes.”

MW2’s season two includes new weapons, a new operator, a new battle pass, a new Warzone 2 map, the return of the Resurgence mode, and several other new additions to the franchise.

CoD fans are pretty hard on the game’s developers for not patching the game enough, but several day-one issues from season two’s launch have already been addressed in this minor update.

The full list of patch notes for the MW2 update from today can be found below.

MW2 Feb. 16 update patch notes

  • Fixed a crash issue that could occur at game client start as we continue to prioritize further fixes
  • Fixed an issue where Season 01 Battle Pass Tokens that were not auto-spent and had rolled over into Season 02 were not showing in the UI
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to lose the ability to move after reviving a downed Squad member
  • Fixed Riot Shield view distortion
  • Fixed tablet misalignment for Killstreaks and Heartbeat Sensor
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Armor Plates from automatically filling the active Loadout slot until the Player manually equipped one first
  • Fixed an issue where mouse and keyboard Players could not remove certain Blueprint attachments in Gunsmith
  • Fixed an issue where DMZ Operators were holding invisible weapons when no weapon was equipped
  • Fixed certain weapon misalignment when previewing
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