Modern Warfare 2 adds more PlayStation exclusives

Is it time to switch platforms?

Call of Dutys website confirms that PlayStation players will have added benefits for Modern Warfare 2

PlayStation has always been the console to play on for past Call of Duty titles and MW2 is no exception. Players who pre-ordered the game on PlayStation not only received early access to the beta but also received an exclusive Oni operator pack. With the global release of the highly-anticipated Call of Duty title just hours away, Activision has confirmed that PlayStation exclusives will continue, this time with added perks for just playing on the console. 

There are five specific bonuses that players will receive for playing on PlayStation including party bonuses, battle pass bonuses, and more. These will not be offered to players who got the game on another console like Xbox or who chose to play the game on PC through Steam or 

Battle pass bundle bonuses 

Players will unlock new gear and goodies faster than ever before. PlayStation players that own MW2 and purchase the battle pass bundle will get additional five-tier skips which make for a total of 25 tier skips. This may seem like a small add-on for others but tier skips cost 150 Call of Duty Points each which add up in both time to unlock and money needed to buy them outright. 

With each MW2 season, PlayStation users will receive a free in-game bundle which will include items such as an operator skin, weapon blueprint, emblem, and more. This gives players more of a reason to look forward to new season drops for the game. 

XP bonuses 

PlayStation players will gain access to exclusive monthly double XP events which will last for 24 hours and help boost the ranks of players. These will more than likely be an additional event to other double XP opportunities that will be released later on. Not only will PlayStation players get additional events but they will also receive a 25 percent weapon XP bonus when playing with other players. This bonus will not go away if the PlayStation user is playing cross-platform. 

Extra loadouts

PlayStation users have been given the luxury of additional loadouts for the last few Call of Duty titles. While this may seem like a small change it can make a major difference in the long run. Players can customize their loadouts for different weapons which will quickly fill up depending on which weapons the player prefers. PlayStation users will receive an added two loadout slots when the game releases.

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